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Effluent Sy
Are Stron
System Layout
The Irripod Effluent System has been designed to be moved
easily by one person, you will require an ATV or farm vehicle to
drag the Sub Main Line and Pod Sprinkler Lines (See overleaf
for steps).
Your Irripod Effluent System has been provided with the
Hansen™ 45mm Male Camlock Fittings for both ends of the
50 metre Sub Main Set and the 120 metre Pod Sprinkler Lines.
This allows you to attach the Sub Main Set to the Adaptor Set
via a 63mm Drag Hose*, or the Pod Sprinkler Lines to the Pod
Hydrants from either end.
Lilac High Visibility Effluent Irrigation Pod
Above: Foreground shows the
Sub Main Set connected to
the Pod Hydrants, with the Pod
Sprinkler Lines connected and
running up the paddock.
Right: Close-up of a Lilac Effluent
Pod operating.