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What is an Irripod Effluent
• Irripod Effluent Systems are flexible cost effective Pod
Pipeline Systems for Effluent Distribution.
• Designed to operate at low pressure. The Irripod Effluent
System distributes liquid effluent on a slow absorption
rate over a 12-24 hour period. This allows for effective
absorption into the soil whilst eliminating pooling and
run off.
• The Irripod Effluent System is a component system that
is simple to install and manage.
• The Irripod Effluent System utilizes Protective Pod Skid
covers over sprinklers that are attached to a 45mm
Effluent Pipeline.
• The Irripod Effluent System can be configured to suit
individual requirements depending on the application
rates, the distance to be irrigated and the rotation
intervals appropriate for the situation.
• Each Irripod Effluent System can be customized to
suit varying paddock sizes and shapes while also
accommodating existing obstructions.
• Irripod Effluent Systems are strong, lightweight and
• Easily moved by attaching the Hydrant or Pod lines to an
ATV or farm vehicle.
• The Irripod Effluent System is designed to Distribute
Liquid Effluent. (solid materials separated via a Dual
Pond System or Solid Separator, Not Included)
NOTE: The Irripod Effluent System has been designed to distri
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Irripod Effluent System Running