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Information |September 2011
Hansen’s has obtained the
following approvals
Hansen Products (NZ) Limited are justifiably proud to
be certified to ISO 9001:2008 by Telarc SAI Certifying
Authority. ISO 9001:2008 is a Quality Management System
which aids to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of
any organisation, to manage the processes and activities
used to eliminate risk to the customer and to ensure that
its products and service conform to customer requirements,
thus ensuring customer satisfaction. The ISO 9001 definition
of “quality” refers to all the features of a suppliers product
and service, which are required by the customer.
As part of ISO Certification, a fully documented quality
system must be in place which is audited by an approved
accreditation body at planned intervals (usually every
6 months). These audits ensure that the system is being
implemented and followed. Every 3 years a recertification
audit is conducted.
Internally our Process covers internal audits of the system.
Inspections have been implemented at the following stages
of manufacture; goods inwards, first off, in process, final,
and customer return analysis. Non-conformances are
checked to ensure corrective actions are taken and are
the actions effective. The system covers training, that all
processing is fully documented, that work instructions are
available for all tasks, that all documentation is controlled,
and customer requirements are clear.
We are certified for the design, manufacture, assembly,
packaging, distribution and marketing of our products.
WRAS formerly known to the industry as WRC. WRAS
approval means that HANSEN™ Threaded Pipe Fittings are
approved for use with potable (drinkable) water, and that
they will not leach contaminants into the water. The Water
Research Council in the UK is the highest recognised water
testing organisation in the world and we believe HANSEN™
are the only plastic threaded pipe fitting in Australasia to
achieve this standard.
The Product and Assessment Group of the Scheme finds that
the use of these fittings or units, when correctly installed,
will not contravene the requirements of The Water Supply
(Water Fittings) Regulations 1999, The Water Byelaws 2004
Scotland or the Water Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1991
and that a reference to the fittings or units will be included
in the Scheme’s Water Fittings and Material Directory.
To see the range of Hansen Fittings that have been
approved by WRAS please go to our
AS/NZS 4020
AS/NZS 4020 - Testing of products for use in contact with
drinking water.
• Determines the methods used and the measure of
compliance for the effects of a product on the taste and
appearance of water.
• Determines the ability of a product to support the growth
of micro-organisms and the quantity of toxic metallic and
non metallic substances leached from the product when
exposed to the test water.
HANSEN™ Polythene Pipe Fittings, Threaded Pipe Fittings,
Foot Valves, Check Valves & Ball Valves meet the above
standard as tested by an independent testing authority, the
Australian Water Quality Centre.
HANSEN™ Polythene Pipe Fittings in sizes 15mm to 50mm
(1/2” to 2”), Threaded Pipe Fittings in sizes 6mm to 100mm
(1/8” to 4”), Foot Valves, Check Valves & Ball Valves have
been AS/NZS 4020 approved.
SGS M&I is the Marine and Industrial Division of SGS New
Zealand Limited and forms part of the global SGS group,
who are the world’s largest independent Inspection, Testing
and Certification body. The M&I division of SGS New Zealand
Limited is the countries largest marine and industrial
inspection, testing and Safe Ship Management service
provider. They offer Ships Surveys, SSM Systems Consultancy
and Audit, Ships design Verification and Marine Product
Certification for use on N.Z.’s commercial vessel fleet.
HANSEN™ Threaded Pipe Fittings in sizes 6mm to 100mm
(1/8” to 4”), Polythene Pipe Fittings in sizes 15mm to 50mm
(1/2” to 2”) and all Ball Valves, Foot Valves and Check
Valves have been SGS M&I approved.
MANARC approval is the New Zealand Manukau City Council’s
system of maintaining the integrity of the public water
supply, sewer, drainage and roading networks by allowing
only the best products to be used. MANARC approval is
recognised by all local bodies throughout New Zealand.
HANSEN™ Threaded Pipe Fittings 6mm to 50mm (1/8” to
2”) have been through a rigorous testing process across the
range to achieve this approval.
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