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Section Two - Irripod
- Technical Information
September 2011
Installing Pod Skids
Note: Pipe needs to be laid out at least 24 hours before
installation of pods
Step 1
The Tow Eye will need to be fitted to the end of the Feed/Sprinkler line that is furthest from the irrigation
Step 2
With the Tow Eye fitting in place, mark a position that is 1m from the Tow Eye fitting. This is where you will
install the first Pod Skid.
Step 3
Step 4
Having completed the assembly of the first Pod Skid, measure along the pipe 15m from the last Pod Skid. This
is where you will place the next Pod Skid. You now need to assemble the Pod (repeat Step 3).When you have
completed the assemblies of the Pod simply follow Step 4, and Step 3 until you have completed all Pod Skids.
Step 5
You should now have all the Pod Skids fitted to the Feed/Sprinkler line and the Tow Hook on the sprinkler
end of the line 1m from the first sprinkler.
Feedlines not to be less than distances from Hydrant to boundary of spray
Lay pipe over Skid Base and
secure in position with Cross
Tee Anchor.
Screw sprinkler into sprinkler
Fix wire clip into opposing holes
on body sides.
Drill 16mm (5/8”) hole at re-
quired spacing for the sprinkler
type being used and remove all
drilling swarf.
Locate body on skid base and
push firmly down to engage
grip lugs.
Screw wire clip holders into the
holes provided.
Select the Riser to suit your
sprinkler size. Fit rubber seal to
sprinkler riser, locate riser onto
pipe and cross tee anchor –
ensure fastening nuts are
tightened evenly.
Secure top body by screws
around the base.
Flush the irrigation line prior to
fitting the pipeline end cap to
remove any drilling debris left
in the pipe
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