Irrpod_Catalogue - page 35

September 2011
Section Two - Irripod
- Technical Information
Page 5
The aim when moving a sprayline to its next position in the rotation is to minimize the
incidents of roll-over. Even though the sprinkler is protected from roll-over it can still be damaged.
Also roll-over can cause twisting of the Pod pipe.
1. Approach the end of the sprayline at an angle that will allow you to move back down the sprayline at a
distance of around 1-2 metres parallel to that sprayline.
Too close and the Pods will try to roll – Too far and the Pods will try to roll. (this will become apparent to
the person moving the lines)
2. When placing spraylines in even day positions (i.e. 2nd shift – 4th shift etc) when reaching the end of
the sprayline move across into correct position and proceed to the end of that system area.
Day 2
Example of Moving an Irripod System Steps 1 and 2
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