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Section Two - Irripod
- Technical Information
September 2011
Operating Guidelines
Irripod Plus System Management
• Moving Times – 12 or 24 hours, dependant upon
system design
• Return Times – Range from 8 to 14 days and are
determined by soil structure, pasture/crop type,
water availability and local climate conditions
Moving Irrigation Lines
Irripod Plus lines have been designed to be moved
whilst still operating. The system can be moved
simply and safely with very little effort
• Movement is typically done by an ATV. Do not
exceed ATV manufacturer’s recommendations for
maximum towing weight
• Use markers on the fence to align the irrigation
line movements at required increments
• Picking up irrigation lines is done using the
Hansen Tow Hook and Tow Rope which is
secured to the ATV or other farm vehicle
• Ensure the ATV or farm vehicle is facing the
direction the line is to be towed
• In one smooth movement proceed to skid the
Feed/Sprinkler line towards the marker sign at
the other end of the field, keeping the line within a
couple of meters of its self for as long as possible
to prevent pod rollover. Once line is in place
unhook and proceed to next line
See example below of an Entire
Movement Rotation of your Irripod System
mid point
shift down
the paddock
shift up the
Fence Sign
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