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September 2011
Section Two - Irripod
- Technical Information
Page 3
Advantages of Irripod Plus Systems
Lower Cost of Ownership
• Allows irrigation of more marginal land
• Simple to add to irrigation scheme as funding
• Low pressure system translates into lower
running costs
• Only requires one person to shift the lines
Simple Technology
• Easy to understand and manage
• Does not require specialist skills or tools
Efficient Water Application
• Low sprinkler height means less wind drift
and effective water distribution pattern
• Mimics natural rainfall allowing for efficient
soil water absorption and less runoff
• Smaller droplet size means less soil
• Able to be used on flat or rolling country and
with odd shaped fields
• Able to be turned on and off without waiting
for the irrigation cycle to be completed
• The system can be left on while livestock are
in the field
Reasons to Specify Irripod Plus
Innovative Robust Design
• Fittings prevent the Pod unit from slipping or
twisting on the pipe
• Wire protection bar across the top of the
Pod provides sprinkler protection against
mechanical damage when shifting lines as well
as damage from stock.
In Line and Single Pod Component System
• Assembly of the sprinkler to the Pod Skid Base
prior to the Pod cover being attached saves on
installation time
• The two piece Irripod can be replaced without
cutting or rethreading the pipeline
Multiple Configuration Options
• Irripod accommodates multiple sprinkler sizes
and 32mm (1 1/4”), 40mm (1 1/2”) or 45mm
(1 3/4”) irrigation pipe sizing
‘Pop-Up’ Sprinkler Option for 40mm (1 1/2”)
• Prevents hoof and leg injury in young stock
and sprinkler damage from inquisitive stock
• Incorporates Nelson R2000 sprinkler with
options to regulate
45mm System
• Designed to operate on High Volume 45mm
(1 3/4”) Irrigation pipe
• Incorporates 20mm (3/4”) sprinklers, allowing
for greater coverage and higher water volumes
Effluent System
• Irripod Effluent Systems distribute liquid
effluent on a slow absorption rate
• Irripod Effluent Systems incorporates 45mm
(13/4”) design technology
• Internationally recognised Lilac colouring
depicting effluent dispersal
Quality Materials
• High impact UV resistant plastic construction
coupled with long life corrosion proof
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