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It was the 1950’s and Kiwi’s Bert and Dawn Hansen were
building their house. Bert couldn’t find a reliable toilet
valve, being an entrepreneur he invented one. This then
lead Bert into developing a range of high performance Brass
Foot and Check Valves. The design was patented and fast
became the bench mark for industry standards and today
the original design Bert created is used in a multitude of
valves in hundreds of markets all around the world.
With the initial success of the Brass Foot and Check Valves,
Bert and Dawn worked many long hours to keep up with
supply. Their garage was the hub of their business with all
the machining, assembling and packaging carried out there.
In those early days Dawn remembers
having to pack up the car and take all
the fittings down to the railway station
for distribution.
In the 1960’s the range was expanded
further with Bert designing and
manufacturing a range of Brass Quick
Couplings. However by the early 70’s
Bert and Dawn realised that plastic
was the way of the future and re-
developed the existing range of Brass
Quick Couplings and Brass Foot and
Check Valves in plastic. By the end
of the 70’s Bert and Dawn saw
an opportunity to add to their
range and designed
and manufactured a
range of Nylon easy
to use “Cold Fit Pipe
Fittings”. Back then
this completely changed the
way Kiwi Farmers joined Alkathene
pipe, “We had a few teething
problems with the original cold fit
range, mainly around the single
barb being difficult to get past
the hard pipe when it was cold
and a 130kg farmer trying to
tighten up a 25mm fitting with
a 24” stillson on a -5 degree
Southland winters day. Those
were some fun learning times
but we got those problems
sorted, we should have labelled
the fittings “Kiwi Proof”.
In the mid 1980’s some
more enthusiasm and
ideas were injected
into the business when
Carl Hansen (Bert and
Dawn’s Son)arrived
from completing his
engineering trades.
Within a short
period of time, Carl’s
experience in engineering and his desire to use the
“right” technologies in manufacturing and materials
added even more strength to the Hansen company.
Bert and the team didn’t sit still for long and in the
late 1980’s it was decided Hansen would design and
manufacture a range of True Fit Threaded Fittings.
With the Hansen range of products growing rapidly,
it was time to move out of the garage and into its
own manufacturing plant to start injection moulding
their products. This move was a huge investment
and there were many sleepless nights in the Hansen
households. The move proved to be the right decision
and it wasn’t long before Hansen products were being
demanded from all over the world. The 1990’s saw
the products develop a stronger following in New
Zealand and Australia, with many of the original
products having upgrades to high performance
materials and the core ranges growing every year.
“At one point it felt like we were adding fitting
configurations every month” recalls Carl Hansen. In
1999 it was time for Hansen Products to move into
even bigger premises. A building in Union East Street,
Whangarei was found and the building underwent
huge changes to house the manufacturing plant.
The turn of the millennium saw Hansen Products
continue on the path of constant improvement; a
sister company in Canada was established, Irripod was
purchased, the Easy Fit range was updated and after
much encouragement from the market our Full Flow
Ball Valve was released.
2010 and Hansen Products is far from slowing down.
Our in-house Research and Design team has developed
another three new products for release, Fast Fit
Tapping Saddles, the Superflo Piston Valve and the
Maxflo Diaphragm Valve.
All of these products have been designed for high
performance whilst still staying true to Bert’s original
philosophy of “Keep it Simple”. At Hansen we believe
the Superflo and Maxflo valves will quickly become
the next industry standard of High Performance Float
After 60 years in business, Hansen Products is
extremely proud to be a New Zealand owned and
operated business. We are continuing to design,
manufacture and distribute Pipe Fittings and Valves
of the highest quality around the world. Hansen has
built a reputation for providing high performance,
easy to use, simple products that deliver our
customers “Best Installed Value”. The winning
formula that has been applied to the product range
since the 1950’s has ensured a loyal customer
following through the generations. With a range of
over 1000 different products, loyal customers and
a dedicated team, Hansen is poised for the new
challenges ahead.
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