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Section One -
September 2011
Code & Description
Effluent Pod Hydrants
Irripod Effluent Pod Hydrants are attached to the Effluent Pipe at 20m intervals to
distribute the Effluent to the Pod Sprinkler Lines.
3 x Irripod Low Bases
12 x M8 x 25 Stainless Steel Cap Screws
3 x Hansen Manifold Block 50mm 4 Way BSP
6 x Hansen 50mm Hex Nipples
6 x Hansen 45mm Male Straight Coupling with Lilac Nut
6 x Hansen 50mm Lilac Ball Valves BSP
6 x 50mm Male Camlock PP
3 x 1/2” Thread Tape
Packaging 1 x Box
Code & Description
Effluent Pod Lines
Part D - Pod Sprinkler Lines
Irripod Effluent Pod Sprinkler Lines are attached to the Effluent Pipe at 20m intervals to
distribute the Effluent.
6 x Lilac Pods with Black Bases
6 x 20mm Senninger 4023 Sprinkler
6 x Irripod 45mm LDPE Low Riser 20mm Male BSP Tapping Saddle Tops
6 x Hansen 20mm Sockets
2 x Hansen 45mm Camlock with Lilac Nut
1 x 50mm Female Camlock PP
1 x Hansen 50mm Tow Eye BSPT
1 x Irripod Effluent Pipe 45mm x 120m Lilac coded
1 x Yellow Tow Ball
1 x Tow Rope 2 Metre Spliced Ends
6 x Cross Tee Anchor 40-45mm LDPE
6 x Wire Protectors
12 x Wire Retainer Clips
6 x Tapping Saddle Seals
6 x Irripod Screw Bags
(6 x 10g Pozi Pan Head Self Tapping Stainless Steel Screws)
6 x Irripod U-Bolt Bags
(2 x M8 x 65mm Stainless Steel U Bolts, 4 x M8 Stainless Steel Flanged Nuts)
Packaging 1x Box and 1x Coil of 45mm Effluent Pipe
GST not included. All prices are current at time of printing but are subject to change without notice
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