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September 2011
Section One -
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Code & Description
Effluent System Part A,B,C,D
Effluent System Set contains:
1 x Part A - 90mm Adaptor Set
1 x Part B - Sub Main Set
1 x Part C - Pod Hydrants
3 x Part D - Pod Sprinkler Lines
Code & Description
Effluent 90mm Adaptor
Irripod Effluent 90mm Adaptor Set is used to attach a 90mm Effluent Pipeline to the
45mm Sub Main Set (Part B)
1 x Hansen 80mm Male Camlock Threaded Adaptor
1 x Hansen 100mm Female Elbow
1 x Hansen 100 x 50mm Reducing Bush
1 x Hansen 100 x 80mm Reducing Bush
2 x Hansen 50mm Hex Nipples
1 x Hansen 50mm Lilac Ball Valve
1 x 50mm Female Camlock PP
2 x 1/2” Thread Tape
Packaging 1 x Box
Code & Description
Effluent Sub Main Set
Irripod Effluent Sub Main Set is used to attach to the Adaptor Set (Part A)
2 x Hansen 45mm Camlock with Lilac Nut
1 x 50mm Female Camlock PP
1 x Hansen 50mm Tow Eye BSPT
1 x Effluent Pipe 45mm x 50m Lilac coded
1 x Yellow Tow Ball
1 x Tow Rope 2 metre spliced ends
2 x 1/2” Thread Tape
Packaging 1 x Box & 1 x Coil of Pipe
Irripod Effluent Systems
Auckland Phone:
09 265 1540
Christchurch Phone:
03 344 0242
Free Fax Order Line:
0800 HANSEN or 0800 426 736
Orders Email:
GST not included. All prices are current at time of printing but are subject to change without notice
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